APOGEE 2009 Categories

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APOGEE 2009 Categories

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The Projects Marked in Red Can be done under the Economics & Finance Side

APOGEE Categories:


A project is defined as an activity with an aim to formulating a problem and presenting a solution to it using existing/emerging/novel concepts and/or technologies.

The projects may be submitted under any of the following categories :

* Communication & Network Systems - The projects dealing with the collection/ transmission/ collation/ dissemination etc of information. New applications on existing networks and/or new network system designs are solicited.

* Automation - Automation is the use of control systems to control process and/or machinery replacing human operators. Projects competing under this category should aim at reducing the need for human sensory, physical and/or mental requirements and minimizing error.

* Software - Design - Projects presenting solutions to real life and/or conceptual problems in the form of new software and/or modifications of existing software are solicited for this category. The formulation of problem and efficiency of software will be considered.

* Design - Appliances - # The projects aimed at conceptualization and/or development of a new or improved appliance, having their application in any of the varied spheres of human activity. An appliance is a device composed of hardware components dedicated to a specific function.

# Health- Projects aimed at maintaining, restoring and improving human health through study, diagnosis, treatment and possible prevention of disease and injury.

# Finance - Projects related to the current or probable future economic scenario or aimed at improving the same; projects that aim to provide reasons and solutions to imminent financial issues.

# Food & Agriculture - Looking for projects as a contribution of science for effective and stable production, and trying to identify some key points to help solve the worldwide food problem. Also solicited are new, innovative ideas for better agricultural practices.

# Industrial Processes & Applications - Projects finding their use in the various processes and applications in industry. Innovative ideas for existing processes and new, economical process applications will be appreciated.

# Infrastructure -Projects having their application/concepts in the network of factors which enables a country's economy/local infrastructure or an industrial operation to function effectively. This includes such matters as transport, power, finances, housing, and education.

# Signal Processing - This category would include projects involving the analysis, interpretation and manipulation of signals. Signals of interest would include sounds, images etc. Projects with applications capable of converting signals from one form to another and/or effective presentation of the same for efficient utilization of information contained in them.

# Material Sciences - Projects involving the use/modification of properties of matter and its applications to various areas of engineering and sciences. Also solicited are projects dealing with development of new materials for specific/general use in society.

# Simulation & Mathematical Models - Projects using mathematical models or simulations to explain th * e behavior of physical/financial/social and/or other systems are also included.

* Transportation - The projects under this category should work towards facilitating movement/transfer of men and/or material and/or information. They can be related to designing of an urban transportation planning model, i.e., traffic management system etc.

* Resource Optimization - Projects aimed at conceptualization/ development/ modification of methods for more efficient utilization of resources (human/ capital/ mineral/ natural) in various operations.

*Projects dealing with latest theoretical concepts developed will be classified according to application area of the concepts.


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